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Xbox One out 29 November Toys 'R' Us hints, ahead of PS4

The major toy retailer has listed Microsoft's system as arriving towards the end of November.

The Xbox One has been given a due date by toy retailer Toys 'R' Us, that hints Microsoft's console will beat the PlayStation 4 to shop shelves.

The place where Geoffrey and helpers stock up all the shelves has pegged the Xbox One's release date as 29 November, while Sony's system is reckoned to be unleashed on 13 December.

Though they're extremely precise, you'd be wise to take these dates with a pinch of salt, as Microsoft and Sony are yet to offer precise release dates for either console -- and its not uncommon for new gaming hardware to be hit by unexpected delays or supply shortages.

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If the PlayStation 4 does end up being released later than the Xbox One, it's not likely to be a fatal blow to Sony's console. These systems will likely be knocking around for about seven years, which gives either machine plenty of time to overtake the other.

Sony's given its own box more momentum from the get-go however, undercutting the new Xbox's high price. The PlayStation 4 also appeased the hardcore crown by omitting the mandatory every-24-hours Internet check that Microsoft was imposing for the Xbox One.

Following a major backlash, Microsoft ditched that policy, also removing restrictions on lending games to friends or buying pre-owned discs.

If you can't wait until Christmas to throw your cash at either corporation, Toys 'R' Us' pre-order lets you nab the Xbox One for £420, or the PS4 for £340 up front.

Which console is likely to win out in the end? Have your say in the comments, or sound off on our Facebook wall, and enjoy our 'history of' videos for both systems, embedded below.

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