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Xbox One not getting Star Wars Battlefront console bundle

Electronic Arts confirms that PlayStation fans will be the only ones getting a special edition console.

When Sony and Disney announced the special-edition PlayStation 4 console bundle themed around Star Wars Battlefront earlier this month, Xbox One fans might have wondered if they, too, were getting a similar system. They are not, Electronic Arts has now confirmed as part of a new blog post.

"The exclusive console for Star Wars Battlefront is limited to PlayStation 4," Battlefront community manager Matthew Everett said.


The Battlefront PS4, which is themed around Darth Vader, also comes with a controller sporting a design based on the iconic Star Wars villain's chest panel. In addition, the package features four digital Star Wars games and comes with Battlefront's Deluxe Edition. Take a look at the premium package above.

Pricing for the Battlefront PS4 bundle has not been announced, and preorders are not yet open. In addition to the Battlefront PS4 bundle featured above, Sony will release a standard bundle that comes with a regular PS4, jet black DualShock 4 controller, a copy of Battlefront, and the four digital Star Wars games.

In 2011, Microsoft and LucasArts teamed up for an R2-D2-themed Xbox 360 console that came with a copy of Kinect Star Wars. Microsoft also released a metallic C-3PO Xbox 360 controller for this bundle.

For more on Battlefront's PS4 bundle and more, read the full Q&A below.

Q.) Will there be a special edition Xbox One bundle?

A.) The exclusive console for Star Wars Battlefront is limited to PlayStation 4.

Q.) Will you offer the custom PS4 bundle controller separately?

A.) We have nothing to announce at this time. Stay tuned to the Sony channels for news and updates.

Q.) Can you purchase the classic Star Wars games separately?

A.) Yes, PS4 owners will be able to purchase standalone versions of each of the classic Star Wars titles on PlayStation Store later this year.

Q.) When can we preorder the Limited and Standard Edition Star Wars Battlefront PlayStation 4 bundle?

A.) We will announce pre-orders when they are available.

Q.) Will Star Wars Battlefront offer a Collector's Edition?

A.) Star Wars Battlefront will offer a Deluxe and Standard Edition only. You can get more details here.

Q.) Will there be any playable indoor maps/areas?

A.) Of course! Some maps offer both interior and exterior settings to play within. You can see a glimpse of this within the screenshot released for Blast.

Q.) How will the persistence work, e.g. do players unlock weapons/gadgets by ranking up etc.?

A.) Star Wars Battlefront will offer a progression system that will unlock items as you rank up. We will go into specific details in the near future.

Q.) How and when will I be able to pilot the Hero vehicles?

A.) Hero vehicles are secured by power ups available in our Fighter Squadron mode.

Q.) Will there be split-screen for certain MP Missions?

A.) No, however split-screen will be available for Missions in offline co-op for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Q.) Will there be offline functionality?

A.) All Missions can be played in solo or co-op split-screen in a offline environment.