Xbox One hit by 'Black Screen Bug' after update

Microsoft has acknowledged that some users are experiencing issues arising from the most recent update for the next-gen console.

Nic Healey
Nic Healey Senior Editor / Australia
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The latest update for the Xbox One has not only brought battery indicators for the controller and support for USB keyboards to the console, it's brought a special little something for some people.

(Credit: Microsoft)

Many users are reporting a "black screen bug" after installing the update. Apparently, pressing the Xbox button on the controller is causing some screens to go completely black even though audio remains active.

Power-cycling, either through unplugging the Xbox or holding the power button for 10 seconds, seems to return video to the screen.

Indeed, the Microsoft Xbox support Twitter account recommended the latter fix when acknowledging that it was aware of the bug to a user.

It's unclear if the power-cycle is a one-off fix or if there may be continuing issues from the bug. We'll update if information from Microsoft comes to hand.

The February update will be followed by a larger "Ready for Titanfall" patch in March, which is designed to make large changes to the console's multiplayer features.