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Xbox One boss talks challenges and opportunities for backward compatibility

Here's what Phil Spencer had to say about one of the Xbox One's most exciting upcoming features.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has shared new details about one of the Xbox One's most anticipated upcoming features: backward compatibility with Xbox 360 games.


In a series of tweets, Spencer answered a range of fan questions about the new feature, which is currently in testing for Preview members and is scheduled to roll out for everyone this fall.

Among other things, he talks about bringing Microsoft's entire lineup of first-party Xbox 360 games to Xbox One via backward compatibility, and also spells out some of the challenges, including licensing and save games.

He also teases that the Fable Trilogy -- which includes Fable, Fable II and Fable III -- will be one of the Xbox 360 games supported on Xbox One by way of backward compatibility.

Check out some of the questions and answers below. Note that Spencer refers to backward compatibility as BC.