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Xbox One backward compatibility will support Xbox 360 DLC

Microsoft addresses whether add-on content will be playable on its latest console.

The Xbox One's backward-compatibility support for Xbox 360 titles will include functionality for DLC content, Microsoft has revealed.

Microsoft's official Xbox Support Twitter account addressed a query from a follower regarding transferring DLC for Xbox 360 titles to the Xbox One, saying the console will support it, but "DLC of specific titles is up to the publisher."


Microsoft announced Xbox One backward compatibility with Xbox 360 games at its E3 2015 press conference.

According to the platform holder, digital Xbox 360 titles already purchased via XBLA, as well as retail discs of last-gen titles, will eventually be "natively" playable on Xbox One.

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, said the decision to support Xbox 360 games was made to "make 360 owners look at Xbox One as a safe place to play."

"Millions of people made investments in 360 content," he said. "We thought the right thing to do was to make that content go forward, but we didn't know [how difficult it would be]."