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Xbox One App now lets you look at screenshots

Apply the new SmartGlass update for Android and iOS and you can view, share, save and comment on Xbox One screenshots.


The Xbox One lets you take screenshots and view them on your console, but soon you'll be able to scan through screenshots on the go. Microsoft has announced a new update for the free Xbox One SmartGlass Android and iOS app that lets you view, share, save and comment on Xbox One screenshots.

Once you apply the update, you'll find screenshots in the the Xbox One Smartglass Activity Feed in a new Capture hub. The update should be rolling out "soon" for Android devices (pictured). A beta version is currently available on iOS, with a full rollout scheduled for sometime later.

This functionality is already available for the Windows 10 SmartGlass app.

Screenshot functionality for SmartGlass on Android and iOS was a much-requested feature on the Xbox Feedback website.