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Xbox Celebrates 'The Mandalorian' Season 3 With Mando and Grogu Consoles

Mando appears on the beskar-gray Series X and Grogu inspires the little green Series S.

Sean Keane Former Senior Writer
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Sean Keane
The Mandalorian Xbox Series X and S consoles against a green and white background

You can win a Mando-themed Xbox Series X and and Grogu Series S.


Microsoft unveiled a pair of Star Wars-inspired Xbox consoles on Wednesday, marking The Mandalorian season 3 kicking off on Disney Plus. The Xbox Series X features Mando's iconic helmet, with his little green buddy, Grogu, showing up on the smaller Series S.

The two-console bundle also contains a green controller that sits in a replica of the little guy's warm sweater.

It's available only via sweepstakes, which you can enter by retweeting the official Xbox Twitter account between Wednesday and May 11.

People who live in the US can win another Mandalorian-themed prize via Microsoft Rewards: a human-size replica of the armored pram Grogu rides around in. This gaming chair has "massaging cushions, cupholders, LED lights, and holders for your controllers and headphones," but it doesn't float like the one in the show.

Unfortunately, Microsoft didn't include any photos of what sounds like a fascinating piece of memorabilia -- hopefully those will come soon. The Pram XL sweepstakes runs from March 16 through May 11.

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