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Xbox 360 controller to work with PCs too

Device is meant to encourage developers to create titles for both the console and computers. Photo: Xbox 360 controller for Windows

Microsoft on Wednesday released a new controller for its upcoming Xbox 360 device which also works with PCs.

The Xbox 360 Controller for Windows will work with the upcoming Xbox 360 console, as well as with computers that have the Windows XP operating system.

Xbox 360 controller

"Gamers can simply unplug their controller from their Xbox 360 system and plug it into their Windows XP-based PC," Chris Donahue, director of Windows gaming at Microsoft, said in a statement. "This is a great breakthrough for the gaming industry as we make it easier for developers to create multiplatform titles."

The controller features a new design meant to improve ergonomics. It also offers "force feedback vibration support" and a button layout.

The controller sold on its own will include a driver for XP-based computers. The controller that will be sold with the Xbox 360 console will also work on PCs after people download the driver from Microsoft. The controller has a 9-foot breakaway cable that plugs into a USB port.

The device is available in North America for $39 and will be released soon in Europe and Asia, the company said.

The Xbox 360 is scheduled to debut before Thanksgiving.