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Xbox 360: Australian price list (updated)

There are now two main Xbox 360 bundle options available in Australia.

Since announcing the latest pricing changes in September 2009 and phasing out the 60GB Xbox 360 Pro, Microsoft Australia has consolidated its Xbox 360 console offerings to two basic options.

From time to time Microsoft will also release special edition bundles. Some come packed with various games or a specific theme. One recent package is the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 bundle, which comes with the game itself, an even larger 250GB hard drive and two black wireless controllers for AU$599.

Xbox 360 Arcade — AU$299

This starter pack includes the console, a wireless controller, a standard-definition AV cable and 256MB of storage.

Xbox 360 package
The cheapest Xbox 360 package in Australia. (Credit: Microsoft)

Xbox 360 Elite — AU$449

This bundle includes the console, a wireless controller, a standard-definition AV cable, but adds 120GB of storage, a wired headset and Ethernet cable. The extra hard drive space will serve you well once your downloaded games, extra downloadable content (or "DLC") for games you already own, and saved games start piling up.

Xbox 360 Elite
Store more on the Xbox 360 Elite's 120GB hard drive. (Credit: Microsoft)