Would you pay $25 a month for a premium Angry Birds membership?

The developers of the new Angry Birds Evolution game sure hope so.

Rovio Entertainment

Angry Birds was one of the first smartphone games to really make it big -- and it made it big enough to get its own movie last year

Now, with the release of Angry Birds Evolution, developer Rovio Entertainment is hoping to add another revenue stream for the franchise: a monthly subscription membership.

For $25 (AU$33, £20) per month, the membership, according to the App and Play stores, will get you:

  • One Premium Egg Ticket every day
  • 10 percent more gold and gems when purchasing in the shop

And that's it. You hatch eggs in the game to add new birds to your roster, while gold and gems act as in-game currency. In-app purchases in the game go up to $99. For that, you'll net "Tons of gems." 

I don't know how they'd work out what 10 percent of "tons of gems is," but the subscription may be worth it if you've been known to sink a lot of dough into Angry Birds.