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Witcher 3's latest patch improves PS4/Xbox One frame rate

A technical breakdown of the 1.08 patch reveals improvements to frame rate and more.

Some of the frame rate problems for the console versions of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt resulting from an update in July have been fixed in the recently released 1.08 patch, according to a technical breakdown of the update.

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The Witcher 3's frame rate performance in areas such as the Crookback bog took a mighty hit with the last patch, locking at 20 frames per second (fps) during this section. The 1.08 patch notes specified that the update would bring "overall improvements to performance, including some issues that may have been caused by 1.07."

And that's exactly what's happened. Digital Foundry's breakdown of the patch confirms that the frame-rate cap for the Crookback bog section on Xbox One has been lifted, but the PlayStation 4 edition remains locked at 20fps.

However, that's not to say the PS4 version's frame rate isn't also improved through 1.08. A horseback ride through the bustling Novigrad City now reaches an average of 30fps with the new patch. Previously, it dipped below 25fps and saw various one-off stuttering issues.

These improvements are indeed welcome, but the latest patch actually really only restores frame rate to where it stood at 1.05. But 1.08 does more than just improve frame rate, it also includes a long list of new features and tweaks as well as a ton of bug fixes.

Overall, with the new update applied, the Xbox One edition of The Witcher 3 continues to offer the smoothest overall performance when compared against the PS4 edition, Digital Foundry said.

The technical breakdown only looked at the console versions of The Witcher 3.

The Witcher 3's free DLC (downloadable content) campaign comes to a close in the near future with the game's New Game Plus mode. After that, fans can look forward to two paid expansion packs, which together should add about 30 hours of gameplay to the title. The first of these is Hearts of Stone, due to launch in October.