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Witcher 3's final free DLC is New Game Plus

It's not coming this week, but CD Projekt Red starts to tease the RPG's New Game Plus with cryptic image.

There won't be any free Witcher 3: Wild Hunt DLC this week, but developer CD Projekt Red still had some big news to share today about add-on content for the open-world role-playing game.

Its final piece of free DLC will be a New Game Plus mode. We don't know when it will launch or what's included, but you can check out a teaser image below.

CD Projekt RED

New Game Plus is The Witcher 3's 16th free piece of DLC. Others have included things like alternate costumes and hairstyles for Geralt and Yennefer, along with new finishing moves and horse armor.

Looking ahead, The Witcher 3's first of two paid expansions--Hearts of Stone--will launch in October. This expansion may see the return of a character from The Witcher 1.

New Game Plus modes vary from game to game, but they typically allow players who have completed a game once to start over with extra rewards or challenges for the second go-around.

What do you make of the New Game Plus teaser image? Share you thoughts in the comments below.