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Wii Mini met with a shrug from UK games shops

It's more bad news for Nintendo, as Game and HMV aren't stocking the console, due to a lack of demand from UK punters.

The Wii Mini -- Nintendo's rebadging of the six-year-old console -- launched yesterday in the UK, but it seems us Brits aren't too bowled over with it.

Staff at one of the UK's flagship Game stores told Techradar it isn't stocking the console due to a lack of interest from punters (though it does sell it online). "We've pretty much had nothing. None at all," they said. HMV also confirmed it's not stocking the console, though it might do in future if demand picks up.

It seems us Brits are either hooked on more throwaway games on our smart phones and tablets, or are waiting for the PS4 and Xbox 720 to touch down later this year. Nintendo's Wii U launched before Christmas, and has seen poor sales, with some outlets slashing the price, so it looks like Nintendo will continue to have a tough time here in the UK.

The Wii Mini originally launched only in Canada. It's smaller than the Wii, and cheaper too, costing just £80. It's lost a few of the original's features though -- there's no Internet connectivity, no SD-card slot, it won't play Gamecube titles, and there's only one USB port. Still, it will run the Wii's 1,200-strong back catalogue. And that matte-black finish and red border are rather fetching.

The Wii U, meanwhile, has been too confusing for the average casual gamer, just as Luke Westaway said it would be. The man knows his onions. Competition is coming from Sony and Microsoft, too -- Sony has demoed the PS4, though it still hasn't worked out how the console should look, and the Xbox 720 is rumoured to make its debut next month. Exciting times.

Did you pick up a Wii Mini? Or is it a waste of time? Can Nintendo still compete with the big boys? Let me know in the comments, or on Facebook.