When will Nvidia release the GTX 1180? 'A long time from now,' says CEO

Rumors pointed to a new GeForce GPU release date in August.

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Gordon Gottsegen
Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang at Computex 2018

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang, speaking at the company's keynote at Computex 2018.

Claire Reilly/CNET

Waiting for Nvidia's next-gen GeForce GTX 11 series graphics cards? Don't hold your breath.

"It's a long time from now," Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang told reporters at a Computex 2018 press conference, when asked when the new GPUs might arrive. That's according to PCWorld; Nvidia confirmed the quote to CNET as well.

Nvidia released its high-powered GTX 10 series GPUs back in 2016. While these GPUs were originally intended to boost performance and add VR capabilities to people's personal PC gaming rigs, they became a hot commodity for mining cryptocurrency as well. The crypto craze caused shortages and price inflation, though you can now find the graphics cards for their regular retail price once more.

But in the meantime, the rumored GTX 11 series has been MIA.

A Hot Chips 2018 conference scheduled for August briefly mentioned a talk about "NVIDIA's Next Generation Mainstream GPU", but references were later removed. It's not clear whether the CEO's quote indicates a further delay, or whether he's trying to sell more GTX 10 series cards in the lead-up to the GTX 11 series.