What to play this weekend: Doom VFR, Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Slim, but hearty pickings.

Sean Buckley Social Media Producer
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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is out on Nintendo Switch.

Monolith Soft

It's hard to imagine any of us could be going into this weekend looking for something new to play. The combined burden of Black Friday , Cyber Monday and last week's Steam Sale have filled out my backlog with more games than I know what to do with... and yet, there's still more to play.

This week, Bethesda brings Doom to virtual reality -- but I still haven't had a chance to dive into Skyrim VR. I want to check out Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on the Nintendo Switch , but I'm still collecting moons in Super Mario Odyssey. The year is almost over. I'm supposed to be spending my free time finishing up my backlog. Instead, my pile of unplayed games is growing out of control.

So, you know -- situation normal! 

New releases (Nov. 27 to Dec. 3)

  • Doom VFR (PlayStation 4, Windows PC) -- Bethesda's 2016 Doom remake was a perfect re-imagining of the classic franchise. Now it's in VR -- but it's less of a virtual reality port than a bite-sized remix. That's probably for the best. Running and gunning through the original game in VR would probably be a fresh new hell of nausea. 
  • Black Mirror (PlayStation 4, Xbox One ) -- No, not a tie-in to the Netflix anthology show, but a new take on a gothic horror game from 2003 -- one that follows the journey of a man seeking answers in the wake of his father's apparent suicide. Surely a heartwarming holiday adventure game. 
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Nintendo Switch) -- You've rescued Princess Zelda and collected all of Mario Odyssey's power moons. What's next? How about a 70+ hour JRPG epic? You've got it. The latest Xenoblade game has everything you need to scratch an itch for complex, grindy RPG mechanics. It's also one of the Switch's last big 2017 releases. 
  • Resident Evil: Revelations Collection (Nintendo Switch) -- Revelations started as one of the first games to support the Nintendo 3DS' second analog stick, but wound up having more life after getting HD ports for the Xbox 360, Wii U and PlayStation 3 . This week, both Revelations and its sequel make their way to the Nintendo Switch. In stores, you'll find them as a collection -- but Nintendo sells them both individually on the eShop, too. 
  • Seven: The Days Long Gone (Windows PC) -- There's something about isometric role-playing games that just feel at home on the PC. Well, at least for those of us that grew up in the genre's heyday. As a stealth-based, top-down RPG set on a dangerous prison island, Seven: The Days Long Gone fits right in with that nostalgia.
  • GRID Autosport (iOS) -- Did you know GRID Autosport was coming to mobile devices? I didn't. Not only is this a full port of last-gen console game, but it seems to have all the DLC as well. Phone gaming sure has come a long way.