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The long-awaited Nintendo Switch Online is coming September

You'll need to subscribe if you want to play Switch games with your friends online, but the good news is it's also throwing in a few extras.


The Nintendo Switch online service is launching in 2018, and it'll cost you about $20 a year. (That's US pricing, and converts to around £15 or AU$30). It's the first time Nintendo is charging for online play, but the good news is it's also throwing in a few extras.

Update, Feb. 1, 2018: Eight months after we published this post on June 1, 2017, we now know more specifically when the service will launch: Sep. 2018, a mere seven more months from now.

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The online Switch service will offer you online cooperative and competitive play, chat lobbies, exclusive deals in the Nintendo eShop and a free range of classic Nintendo games including Super Mario Bros. 3, Balloon Fight and Dr. Mario.

It's also worth noting that this is the premium version of the free online service, which means you'll still be able to access the online store, manage friends lists and share screencaps to social media without subscribing. But if you want to actually play online, better get ready to pony up.

Nintendo first announced the online subscription service at the reveal event for its Switch console, and went on to say shortly after that it wouldn't be too expensive. And that's the good news. At $20 for a year-long subscription, it's certainly trying to undercut rival services like PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live, both of which sit around the $60 mark (roughly £45 or AU$80) and are required for online play as well.

The Nintendo website said that the service would be coming in 2018.