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Watch teen solve a Rubik's Cube in a world-record 5.25 seconds

This kid is amazingly fast. He sets a new world record by solving a Rubik's Cube in just over 5 seconds, besting the previous record by an impressive three-tenths of a second.

How long does it take you to solve a Rubik's Cube? Prepare to feel wholly inadequate when you learn that teenager Collin Burns set the world record on Saturday by solving the standard 3x3 multicolored cube puzzle in a blazingly fast 5.253 seconds at a Rubik's Cube competition.

The previous world record, set in 2013 by Dutch speedster Mats Valik, was 5.55 seconds. Burns -- a 2014 Rubik's Cube US national champion -- somehow managed to shave a full three-tenths of a second off the previous record.

It's insane to watch the video of Burns accomplishing the feat at the World Cube Association competition in Doylestown, Penn., in hardly more time than it takes you to read this sentence.

It was especially mind-blowing for me as it takes me 5.253 seconds to even start thinking about how I'm going to go about solving the Rubik's Cube. Check out the record-breaking performance in the video above, and get ready to hear the screams and cheers of some super-excited teenagers.

That kind of excitement is exactly what's helped make the Rubik's Cube -- a geeky favorite since the mid-1970s -- one of the best-selling and most-influential toys of all time.

(Via Mashable)