Watch the new Lego Jurassic World trailer, packed with dino-slapstick

The first full trailer showcases moments from the game, which spans all four "Jurassic Park" movies and features a Lego Jeff Goldblum.

Luke Westaway Senior editor
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Luke Westaway
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Welcome to Jurass-brick Park. A new trailer has given Lego fans their first glimpse at the upcoming Jurassic World-themed video game.

"Lego Jurassic World", due out in June for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Wii U, PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS, is the latest instalment in the Lego video game franchise, following "Lego Lord of the Rings" and "Lego Marvel Super Heroes". Despite borrowing the title of the upcoming dino-blockbuster, the game will let players relive moments from all four "Jurassic Park" movies in comic brick-form.

Indeed, the new trailer is heavy on the giggles -- a necessary move to mitigate the inherent violence and scariness of a franchise where delicious humans run from huge, hungry reptiles. The trailer features Lego's popular brand of slapstick humour, including a fruit-hatted velociraptor and a T-Rex rampage prematurely ended by a fallen tree.

An earlier teaser trailer released in February hinted at the game's comic direction, with a T-Rex's jaw coming unhinged and dropping off.

The game is coincided to hit shop shelves with "Jurassic World," which stars Chris Pratt from "Parks and Recreation" and will stomp its way into cinemas on 12 June.

The movie will feature an up-and-running Jurassic theme park that features a fearsome, genetically-engineered super-dinosaur that kills for sport. Here's hoping Chris Pratt and his team of trained raptors don't end up doing battle with this hybrid dino -- every serious "Jurassic Park" fan knows that the dinosaurs represent the unstoppable power of nature, only to be survived and not defeated, right? Just me? OK.