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Watch No Man's Sky's expansive new 15-minute gameplay demo

Watch Sean Murray explore and destroy in the upcoming sci-fi sandbox game.

No Man's Sky is one of the most eagerly anticipated games of 2016, despite the fact that most of us aren't quite sure what we actually do in it. In a new video published on the PlayStation Blog, Hello Games' Sean Murray takes us through 15-minutes of gameplay for the upcoming space exploration game.

He doesn't say anything new, it's the same sort of thing Hello Games has been discussing since it was announced: you explore, you survive, you collect resources. However, it's a good opportunity to get a look at new look at gameplay, which continues to look pretty cool.

The video starts with Murray learning a new word in the game's alien language, upgrading a weapon to gather resources, and then discovering new species of aliens. Inevitably, his co-host grabs the controller and begins shooting peaceful animals and causing mayhem.

Eventually, Murray hops onto a ship and flies off into space and discusses the scope of the in-game galaxy which, as we've heard before, is pretty substantial. Watch it all happen above.

No Man's Sky launches on June 21 across PC and PlayStation 4. In addition to the standard $60 version of No Man's Sky for PS4, Sony has announced an $80 Limited Edition version for retail. Hello Games and iam8bit have also partnered to make a $150 Explorer's Edition for the PC edition. Details on both can be found here.

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