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Meet Viveport, Vive's app store for virtual reality fans

Shop aims to help VR enthusiasts explore and create VR content while connecting with other customers.

Viveport, an app store for virtual reality fans, is now a reality.

HTC, maker of the Vive virtual-reality headset, on Friday announced the launch of the app store, a one-stop shop for all things virtual reality where VR users can explore and create VR content while connecting with other customers. Viveport promises to showcase VR experiences across a variety of VR experiences, including art, design, education, music, sports, travel, and more.

The new portal underscores the tech community's growing interest in virtual reality, which promises to transport goggle-wearing users to a computer-generated 3D environment.

"We believe Viveport is the place where customers will start their journey into new virtual reality experiences," Rikard Steiber, president of Viveport, said in a statement.

One of the store's marquee features is Viveport Premieres, which consists of VR content launching first on Viveport. Among the content debuting on Friday are Everest VR, Stonehenge VR, The Music Room and an all-new edition of the Blu, among others.

In addition to Viveport Premieres, the store will also feature a Viveport Community where users can connect with VR influencers and other enthusiasts, as well as a Viveport Home, where users can create a customized personal space where users can watch streaming media with the new web browser widget.

As part of Viveport's launch, it is offering experiences for $1 each during its first 48 hours.