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Can't get to CES 2017? We'll take you on a 360-degree tour

CNET's Brian Tong takes you to the best spots on the show floor from LG, Sony and Intel.

Logan Moy/CNET

If you can't make it to CES 2017, CNET's Brian Tong has got you covered. He's bringing the Vegas tech show right to you with our 360-degree video tours of the show floor. His first stop is the LG booth where he checks one of the biggest hits of CES, the amazingly ultra-thin W7 OLED TV.

Sony's booth is a must-see at CES. Tong gets up close with the company's massive 32 feet by 9 feet Crystal LED display, which uses super fine LEDs as its light source. He also checks out the company's new Bravia line along with all of Sony's OLED TVs announced at the show.

And you're not going to want to miss Intel. Each year, they impress with all kinds of future tech at their booth. Watch Tong check out the Daqri glasses tech, a VR driving experience with BMW's i8 and a souped-up basketball court that tracks player data.

There are multiple ways to watch our 360-degree videos. On a mobile device, use the YouTube app to view the video on a phone and move the screen around to see different angles. Or you can use a VR device like Google Cardboard to watch the video in VR mode.

You can also click and drag around the video with a mouse if you're on desktop.