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Videogame heavyweights get together to launch The Game Awards

Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and major games publishers have teamed up to back a new annual video game awards show: The Game Awards.

Screenshot by Michelle Starr/CNET

Video gaming may be about to get its very own version of the Oscars with the announcement of The Game Awards 2014 -- an annual, mainstream video game awards show. There's some serious clout behind it, too. Console makers Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are on board, as well as major publishers EA, Ubisoft, Konami, Warner Bros., Rockstar and Valve.

"On December 5, games will rise when the video game industry comes together to celebrate the cultural significance of the world's most dynamic form of entertainment," the website reads.

"The Game Awards 2014 is a new celebration airing LIVE from the AXIS Theater in Las Vegas in front of thousands of fans. The program will include awards, world premiere announcements, musical performances, and other surprises."

Interested parties around the world who can't attend the show will be able to stream it live on December 5, 10.00 p.m. GMT via PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Steam and "other platforms".

"The Game Awards 2014 will celebrate our collective love of games and the passion we all hold in our hearts for this incredible entertainment medium," GameTrailers TV host and executive producer Geoff Keighley, who is producing the awards -- and who formerly produced the Spike Video Game Awards (VGX), which is unaffiliated with The Game Awards -- told Variety.

Other details are thin on the ground: just who is nominating the games, who is voting for the game and who is judging the games to be awarded at The Game Awards have not been announced.

Those wishing to attend the show can book their tickets now for $45 on Ticketmaster using the code JAMESONLOCKE, provided by Microsoft.