Uncharted 4 aims to make you cry and laugh, developer says

Watch the final episode of Naughty Dog's behind-the-scenes video series for A Thief's End.

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Naughty Dog has released the fourth and final video in its "Making Of" series for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. This video is titled "In The End" and in it, the game's developers and actors talk about their experiences working on the franchise and how it's evolved over the past decade.

Among other things, the developers talk about saying goodbye to Uncharted and the character Nathan Drake. A Thief's End is expected to be the final game in the series that Naughty Dog develops (though not necessarily the last game in the series) and the last one to star the action hero Drake.

Check it out:

The developers also speak about how the characters in Uncharted 4, including Nathan Drake, Elena, and Sam Drake, are ultra-realistic, so much so that the game may make you cry and laugh.

"As you play through the series, you do begin to develop an affinity for the characters and an understanding of what motivates them," lead artist Tate Mosesian says. "I hope that this game brings that all to a nice crescendo. I hope people cry when they play it, and I hope they laugh when they play it."

You can watch the previous four Making Of videos through the links below.

It's been a long road to release for Uncharted 4. The PS4-exclusive was first scheduled to launch in 2015, but was later moved to March 2016 and then again to April 2016 before its latest delay to May 2016. The game has now finally gone gold, meaning Naughty Dog has finished development on the base game.

Work is now presumably underway for the game's expansion content. For the first time in Uncharted's history, Naughty Dog will release a story-based expansion for A Thief's End.