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Uber-style private jet service goes live

BlackJet, the Uber cab of the high, private jet skies, is officially open for business.

Donna Tam Staff Writer / News
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Donna Tam
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BlackJet, the private plane charter service modeled after Uber cab, is available for use -- if you have a bunch of money to throw around and a super-secret invite code.

First noticed by TNW, BlackJet tweeted its live status today, drawing a few interested flyers who wanted an invite code. The company's Twtter account didn't answer, of course. It's too exclusive for that.

It's probably best that most of us won't know what were missing -- the cost of the required membership for the service starts at $2,000. Passengers reportedly will then pay $950 for short flights and $3,500 for cross-country travel.

The service has been compared to Uber, an on-call private cab service that lets people order a cab through an app, which then charges the user's credit card automatically. BlackJet was actually founded by Uber co-founder Garrett Camp. The service targets people who want to avoid the hassles of flying commercial. BlackJet takes advantage of chartered jets flying empty legs as they return to their bases.

Flights will initially travel between New York and Los Angeles or New York and Southern Florida, but San Francisco is rumored to be next on the destination list.