Hisuian Zorua and Zoroark revealed for Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Two more Pokemon will have new regional forms in the upcoming Nintendo Switch game.

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Kevin Knezevic
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New forms of Zorua and Zoroark are being introduced in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

The Pokemon Company

Two new Pokemon have been revealed for Pokemon Legends: Arceus. A "found footage"-style video for the upcoming Nintendo Switch game offers a brief look at new Hisuian forms of Zorua and Zoroark.

The video documents a researcher's travels through a snowy area of the Hisui region, Pokemon Legends' setting. When the video was initially shared on Oct. 20, it was largely obscured by static, but the researcher could be heard narrating what he sees. However, toward the end of the video, he came across a Pokemon he couldn't identify.

"Is that...a Growlithe? No, a Vulpix... No, not that either. The tip of its tail is red and swaying... Oh! I think it's turning this way! It's adorable... The white fur on top of its head and around its neck is so fluffy... Its eyes are round and yellow..."

A clearer, "restored" version of the video was shared the following day, and it revealed the Pokemon in question were new variants of Zorua and Zoroark. Shortly afterward, the Pokemon Company released a gameplay trailer showing off the new Pokemon, giving us our first look at Hisuian Zorua and Zoroark as they appear in the game. You can watch the gameplay trailer below.

Hisuian Zorua and Zoroark join a growing list of new Pokemon debuting in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Another recent gameplay trailer introduced a new evolved form of Scyther named Kleavor, and we've previously gotten a look at new Hisuian forms of Growlithe and Braviary.

This also isn't the first time the Pokemon Company has teased a new Pokemon through a documentary-style video. Ahead of Pokemon Sword and Shield's launch back in 2019, the company ran a 24-hour "livestream" from Glimwood Tangle -- one of the locations in Sword and Shield -- during which we got our first look at Galarian Ponyta.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus launches for Nintendo Switch on Jan. 28. As an early purchase bonus, everyone who picks up the game before May 9 is entitled to a couple of free outfits for their player character: a Hisuian Growlithe kimono set and a "Baneful Fox Mask" based on Hisuian Zoroark.

Before Pokemon Legends arrives, Nintendo and the Pokemon Company are releasing Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl on Nov. 19. The pair are updated versions of the original Pokemon Diamond and Pearl games, featuring improved visuals and some welcome new quality-of-life features. Everyone who buys a copy of either title before Feb. 21 can claim a free Manaphy egg in-game.