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Twitter to live-stream e-sports league championship

The social network continues to rack up live-streaming sports deals, this time with the popular Eleague.

Twitter will be live-streaming the inaugural Eleague playoffs this weekend.
Twitter will be live-streaming the inaugural Eleague playoffs this weekend.

Twitter's roster of live-streaming sports is expanding -- this time in the e-sports arena.

The social network said Thursday that it will be broadcasting live the Eleague semifinals and championship this weekend in Atlanta, where pro video gamers will be taking on each other in front of a live audience.

Additionally, Eleague's Twitter account, @EL, will feature scores, highlights and video to capture behind-the-scenes moments with players.

Twitter's jump into the wildly popular field of e-sports follows announcements that it will live-stream 10 NFL Thursday night games starting in September and will soon be streaming live games from Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League every week. The social network will also be streaming a nightly sports-highlights show called The Rally.

And Twitter will be streaming live National Basketball Association pregame shows as well as broadcasting some games from the Pac-12 conference later this year.

The social network could use more eyes on its platform after projecting third-quarter revenues far lower than analysts expected.