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Twitch will let you buy games directly from streams

The streaming site for video games is enabling viewers to buy games directly through the site and simultaneously support their favorite streamers.

Twitch is rolling out an option to buy video games directly from streams.

On Twitch, there's a running joke to "press F to pay respects." You'll soon be able to press "buy now."

The streaming site focused on video games, tournaments and gaming culture will release this spring an update to allow viewers to buy the game they're watching others play. A "buy now" button will pop up next to the video description, sending viewers to a page where they can purchase the game.

Those who stream game play will get a 5 percent share of the purchase, enabling viewers to support their favorite shows and gamers. Streamers can opt into the new program by going to the settings tab in the "monetization" section and enabling revenue from game sales.

Partnered streamers will also earn 5 percent of the revenue from in-game items bought through their channel page. Game developers will get 70 percent of the revenue.

To help compete with rival Steam, Twitch is offering a Twitch Crate for any purchases over $5. The randomly generated crates give viewers emojis or chat badges.

Amazon purchased Twitch for $970 million in 2014, gearing itself to take on Steam with its own indie gaming marketplace. Amazon earns from Twitch through services like Twitch Prime, Twitch Turbo and emojis that can go for $140.