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Tunisian game maker rewards top players with a cow

A bovine named Pamela was given to a couple who earned top marks in a Tunisian mobile strategy game called Bagra. Another cow named Brigitte is still up for grabs.

Justin Yu Associate Editor / Reviews - Printers and peripherals
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Justin Yu

An unusually relaxed prize awaits the top winners of Bagra The Game.

Screenshot from Bagra's Facebook page by Justin Yu

A spot on the leaderboard and a couple of extra levels are usually the extent of the prizes for the average smartphone game, but a couple in Tunisia hit it big last week when they were awarded a real-life cow for achieving the top score in a mobile strategy game called Bagra.

Appropriately, Bagra (Arabic for "cow") involves stealing other players' cattle with a UFO beam while protecting your herd from opposing players. According to a report from Tuniscope, the developers at Tunisia-based Digital Mania gave home phones and computers to lower-tier winners, but the top prize was a bovine beauty named Pamela. It was offered to the couple alive or butchered.

Luckily for Pam, this video shows the couple loading her into the back of a truck, so here's hoping they'll use her for milk, not meat. The campaign was so successful that Digital Mania has announced that another cow named Brigitte is up for grabs for the next high score.