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Rest in Pikachu: There's now a Tumblr of people hunting Pokemon at funerals

Alas, poor Uncle Harold, we'll miss you so much, and -- hey, is that a Snorlax over by the casket?

Here's your to-do list for the next funeral you attend: Send flowers. Sign the guest book. Comfort the widow. Catch a Jigglypuff.

No no, of course you would NEVER dream of mixing a somber farewell to dear Uncle Harold with Pokemon Go, a light-hearted mobile game involving imaginary animals. No one would be that tacky. You're not like those tactless people leveling up at Auschwitz, or at the Holocaust Museum.

But enough people are willing to mix mourning with Magikarp that there's now a Tumblr for it. Pokemon at Funerals: Catch 'Em Before They're Gone collects images and tweets showing players locating Pokemon at funeral homes, services, churches and wakes, or discussing other people doing the same. Jason Feifer, executive editor of Entrepreneur magazine, created the Tumblr. He also compiled Selfies at Funerals.

Keeping in mind how easily images can be photoshopped, we're just gonna tell ourselves that the one of a happy, bright little Squirtle waving his arms from atop a rose-laden casket is fake, right? Right?