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TiVo eyes the cloud with premiere of network PVR

The company says its technology is only in prototype phase and will be offered to television providers.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger

TiVo has announced a new, cloud-based television offering that could strengthen its relationships with cable and satellite providers.

Dubbed the TiVo network PVR (personal video recorder), the new cloud-based service is only in prototype phase at this point, the company noted Wednesday. However, the cloud-based service, which will be shown off for the first time at the International Broadcasting Conference in Amsterdam starting Thursday, may find its way into homes at some point in the future.

The network PVR is a cloud-based platform designed for television providers. According to TiVo, its PVR includes all of the company's standard DVR features, including the ability to check upcoming programming and record shows, in addition to the ability to share programming with others through the TiVo user interface.

For now, details are slim on the PVR, but TiVo wants its cloud-based software to run atop a provider, thus partnering with cable and satellite companies. One of the more interesting proposed implementations is the ability for people to share a program they've recorded with someone else using the TiVo PVR. According to TiVo, the sharing feature would only require the other person to be an "authorized" user, and it could be handled all through the remote control.

Look for more details on the TiVo network PVR later this week at IBC.