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This oversized Game Boy imagines Nintendo's classic handheld as a Game Man

Too big for your hands, no matter how old you are.

The bigger game.
Grumpy Modeler / YouTube

The original Nintendo Game Boy was always considered pretty large for a portable game console, but what if it was a lot bigger? Well, then you'd have the Game Man, a ridiculous, oversized Game Boy clone that plays Famicom cartridges, games for the Japanese version of the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Technically, the Game Man is a 3D-printed case, and it's available for anyone to download from Cults3D for free. The Game Man's creator describes it as "completely impractical and pointless" in the model's description. It lives up to that, too -- in a video showcasing the final product, the creator (who goes by "Grumpy Modeler" on YouTube) has trouble beating the first level of Super Mario USA, explaining that while the controls are "actually really good," it's hard to press both buttons at the same time.

It may be too big to play, but it's still a great looking project, with a sharp-looking 5.6-inch display and A/V output for playing on the TV. The original was built specifically for a Famicom motherboard, but the project's creator says the case can be used for a Raspberry Pi, too.

The 3D printable files, plus a rundown of all the other parts used for the project are available on the project's Cults3D page.