New Witcher 3 Blood and Wine expansion includes a brutally gruesome scene

A new image from the RPG's upcoming expansion shows a man who's been literally torn apart.

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GameSpot staff
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The world of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's Blood and Wine expansion may be colorful and vibrant in some sections, but, as the story synopsis teased, there is a dark, foreboding tone to the content as well.

Developer CD Projekt Red has now shared an image from Blood and Wine that shows Geralt standing over the body of a man who has been literally ripped apart, with what appear to be his entrails in a bucket nearby.

The image, which was posted as an exclusive for the game's forums but wound up elsewhere, can be seen here on Twitter. If you're eating your lunch, maybe don't look just yet.


This is not the image in question; that one is linked above

CD Projekt RED

In other news about Blood and Wine, community manager Marcin Momot has teased that "lots and lots" of new information about the expansion will be shared in May.

Blood and Wine will deliver a "fascinating" story that contains "every sort of twist and turn you'd expect from our writers," Momot said recently about the content, which is set in the new region of Toussaint.

"Toussaint is unlike anything you've seen in Wild Hunt -- carefree and colorful, but your gut never stops telling you that there's some real dark stuff happening underneath all that," he said.

Blood and Wine was originally expected out in Q1 (January-March), but later shifted to the first half of 2016 (January-June). A retailer listing suggested the expansion will launch on June 7, but a CD Projekt Red representative told GameSpot, "No official date had been announced."

The Witcher 3's first expansion was called Hearts of Stone and came out in October. CD Projekt Red previously said The Witcher 3's two expansions, combined, amount to "almost the size of The Witcher 2." Blood and Wine is expected to offer around 20 hours of gameplay, compared to about 10 for Hearts of Stone.

In other news about The Witcher 3, CD Projekt Red announced new Gwent cards at PAX East this weekend.