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This is why Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break is taking so long to release

"We don't want to make certain kinds of compromises."

Remedy Entertainment has spoken out to explain why it's in the game's best interest to delay time-bending Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break from 2015 to 2016. In a new interview with Edge (via GamesRadar), creative director Sam Lake said the only way Quantum Break will live up to its potential of being the "ultimate Remedy game" is if the team has enough time to make sure the game, and accompanying TV show, are not rushed.

There are many reasons the game has taken so long, including challenges associated with building a brand new universe, working with a new platform in the Xbox One and making a TV show for the first time.

"There's a lot of new technology; [Xbox One is] a new platform, it's a new universe, new story, there's new core gameplay," Lake said. "[That means] a lot of prototyping, and a lot of discovery. On the whole [TV show] side, there are a lot of challenges to figure out. It does end up taking time and, yes, we want to keep the quality high, so we don't want to make certain kinds of compromises, and are always making sure that this is iterated enough and polished enough and it's as good as it deserves to be."

Also in the interview, Lake pointed out that Remedy developed Max Payne 2 in just 18 months. However, the two projects shouldn't be compared. "Doing a sequel to something is obviously different to building something from the ground up," he said.

Quantum Break launches on April 5, 2016 for Xbox One, and will be accompanied by a tie-in TV show. According to Xbox boss Phil Spencer, the game could also come to PC.

The game follows the story of the heroes, while the TV show focuses on the villains. Quantum Break's cast is headlined by X-Men actor Shawn Ashmore and Lord of the Rings and "Lost" star Dominic Monaghan. "Game of Thrones" actor Aidan Gillen and Lance Reddick from "The Wire" will also appear in the game.