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The Vertagear X Swarovski crystal-infused gaming chair will sparkle up your setup

Your gaming experience is in dire need of some designer crystals. For $600, you can fix that.

Image of a black Vertagear chair with Swarovski crystals embedded throughout

If you spend hours gaming day after day, you've likely experienced some universally frustrating issues with your chair: Rickety frame. Poor posture support. A lack of Swarovski crystals.

But gamers need not suffer anymore. One possible solution lies in Vertagear's newest version of its PL4500 gaming chair, decked out with crystals from luxury jewelry label Swarovski. The shiny clusters adorn the Vertagear logo on the headrest, along with dimples throughout the chair's padding. For a $600 preorder, you can upgrade your gaming chair to a gaming throne. 

We've previously featured the baseline, un-Swarovski'd version of the PL4500, which currently goes for $490 -- a pretty typical price compared with our favorite gaming chairs. Even the standard PL4500 is embedded with silver (ooh) and coffee (yum), which allegedly keep it free of stains and smells, according to Vertagear's website. Vertagear highlights the PL4500's durability, its customizable positioning on its back rests and arm rests, and its posture-optimizing features (sweet, sweet memory foam). 

If you're willing to tack on an additional $250, you can illuminate your crystallized chair with the colors of the rainbow using Vertagear's RGB light kit. It's safe to say you'll have the most impressive seat in the house.