The Sims has announced two Kit collaborations with designers from Mumbai and Seoul

The Create-A-Sim Kits will feature designs inspired by iconic locations in India and South Korea.

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Sims 4: Fashion Street Kit is set to explore the colors and fashions of Mumbai, India.

Sims 4

The Sims has officially announced two of four brand new Sims 4 Kits as part of its Season of Selves, taking inspiration from other cultures and collaborating with designers to produce authentic styles for Sims to try. 

Smaller than Expansion Packs, Game Packs and Stuff Packs, Kits are the latest in a long line of Sims 4 paid downloadable content that offers a smaller, curated selection of items, styles and gameplay additions. 

Featuring fashions from Mumbai, India, and Seoul, South Korea, the Kits are set to showcase Fashion Street and Incheon Airport's Arrival lounge respectively. 

For Sims 4: Incheon Arrivals, the Sims team worked with Jazzy Cho -- TV host, content creator and Miss Korea USA 2016. 

"Airport style is 공항 (gonghang) fashion [meaning airplane fashion]," says Cho. "It stemmed from when the press would greet or welcome back traveling celebrities. It really began to boom with the rise in global popularity of K-pop, the internet, and social media." Cho continues, "Images of the hottest South Korean stars arriving or departing would be shared across the internet, and if one style that they were wearing goes viral, then that style becomes the trend of the season."

Woori Bae, a concept artist for The Sims, said in the official release, "Working with Jazzy, our research was extensive to ensure the concepts reflect trendy outfits in Seoul ... I am so excited to see this kit come to life, particularly the wide pants and oversized fit items that add more in-game styling options like never before."

The team also collaborated with fashion expert and curator Shruti Sitara Singh, "to co-create a comprehensive and authentic wardrobe of vibrant color, high-contrast patterns, iconic silhouettes and trendy statement pieces that can be integrated into a Sim's closet," according to The Sims reveal statement.

It's called Sims 4: Fashion Street Kit and it's set to feature the colors and styles of Mumbai, India.

"The Fashion Street Kit is inspired by a lot of India, and of course Mumbai," said Singh. "It's inspired by the Indian handloom (weaving) industry, which is preserving and rendering a beautiful picture of our age old heritage, known worldwide for its richness and purity of its textiles. Each piece is adorned with lively colors and prints specific to different cultures, because Mumbai, the City of Dreams, is a melting pot." 

While the Incheon Arrivals Kit focuses on both formal and semi-formal clothing pieces, the big strength of the Fashion Street Kit appears to be accessories, including nose rings, henna tattoos and sandals, alongside flowy skirts and asymmetrical vests.

Given there was a huge push for greater diversity and multicultural options for The Sims 4, the new Kits promise a focus on countries outside of the US. These clothing options will add much-needed variety to the available styles.

There are also two more Kits yet to be announced as part of the Season of Selves for The Sims -- one Create-A-Sim and one Build Kit, respectively. Both are likely to be revealed in the coming weeks, though speculation over where they'll be inspired by has already begun. 

The Kit announcement came alongside a huge base game patch featuring over 1000 new swatches for existing items. Players can update their game now to play this patch.

Incheon Arrivals Kit and Fashion Street Kit will be released on October 5th on PC, Mac, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One systems.