The real story behind Mafia 3's development

In this three-part documentary series, our sister site GameSpot goes in-depth with Mafia 3's developer Hangar 13 to hear about its process creating the game's story and world.

GameSpot staff
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GameSpot staff
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After nearly six years, the third entry in the Mafia series has finally been released. The story behind its development is a fascinating one, rich with details and experiences that sheds light on the game's distinct design choices. You can get all the details behind Mafia III's development in GameSpot's video series below.

GameSpot's Mike Mahardy headed to developer Hangar 13's headquarters to talk to its key leads, discovering their rationale behind creating Mafia III's setting and characters for our three-part series.

Part one gives us a look at how Hangar 13 went about reviving the Mafia franchise. Part two delves into the studio's process of creating its fictional version of New Orleans. And the final part gives an insight into the world itself, the time period in which it's set and its mixed-race protagonist Lincoln Clay.

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Part 1: The rebirth of a franchise

Mike explores the formation of Hangar 13, the rebirth of the Mafia series and the problems the developers encountered along the way.

Part 2: Crafting a digital New Orleans

Mike explores the creation of New Bordeaux, Hangar 13's fictional counterpart to New Orleans, and the setting for the Mafia games' first true open world.

Part 3: Racial tension and political strife

Hangar 13 discusses the decision to set the game in 1968 and how Lincoln Clay sets Mafia III apart from other open-world games.