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The Last of Us Remake Hits PS5 on Sept. 2, Also Coming to PC

Naughty Dog's incredible 2013 PlayStation adventure is getting an upgrade.

The Last of Us' Joel is seen in side-by-side comparison shots of the PS4 remaster and PS5 remake
The Last of Us hero Joel has had a PS5 makeover for the remake.
Naughty Dog/Screenshot by CNET

The long-rumored remake of The Last of Us Part 1 is coming to PS5 on Sept. 2, a trailer revealed Thursday. A version of the PlayStation-owned franchise is "also in development for PC," but Sony hasn't given us a release date for that yet.

The post-apocalyptic masterpiece, from Uncharted developer Naughty Dog, originally hit PS3 in 2013. It follows smuggler Joel and teen companion Ellie as they take an intense journey across a US left in ruins after a fungus turned much of the population into horrifying cannibalistic creatures.

It was remastered for PS4 in 2014, and got a similarly excellent sequel in 2020 (the latter has sold 10 million copies, Sony noted Thursday.

The remake will apparently have visuals and gameplay close to those of Part 2, and include the original single-player story and prequel chapter Left Behind. It'll also apparently cost $70, which seems like a lot to ask when you can get the PS4 remaster for as little as $10.

During Thursday's Summer Game Fest 2022 showcase livestream, Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann also said that the upcoming multiplayer standalone The Last of Us spinoff will be "as big as any of our single-player games" and take place in a part of the US that the series hasn't visited previously (it sure looks like San Francisco). We'll learn more about it next year.

The first game is also being adapted into an HBO TV show, with Game of Thrones' Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey playing Joel and Ellie. Druckmann gave us the first official image showing the actors in the show and also revealed that Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson -- the voice actors who played Joel and Ellie in the games  -- will appear in undisclosed roles. He also said he's directing another game but didn't disclose what it is (another Uncharted, perhaps?).

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