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The Flaretech Prism Switch is the key to smarter keyboards

It's a keyboard switch. So what? Well, let me tell you what.

Luke Lancaster/CNET 

There were three cool things about the Flaretech Prism Switch I found on the show floor at Computex 2017.

The first was that the switch was totally removable. It's not soldered to anything. Using an infra-red optical sensor, you could not only remove the key cap, you could take out the entire switch.

The second thing also has to do with that optical sensor: Those Flaretech switches are analogue. That means they can register the difference between a soft keystroke and a hard one. If you're playing racing games, you can slowly accelerate with a soft touch. If you're sending Italian plumbers from ledge to ledge, you can tap for a small hop or hold down longer for a mighty, overalled leap. Wahoo.

Okay, here's the final cool thing. I was told when I first saw the switches that they were waterproof. That's great. No more coffee-induced keyboard death. However, these keys are also in Gigabyte's new Aorus K9 Optical keyboard. Which I found in the following display:

Luke Lancaster/CNET

Soon we'll be able to live out those PC gaming in the bathtub dreams. Expect to see the new switches appear in keyboards and bathtubs in 2017.

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