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Bangkok's Pokemon Go police squad out to catch players behaving badly

If you're hunting Pokemon in Thailand's capital, be careful: Police are on the lookout.

A crowd gathers at Parc Paragon in Bangkok to catch Pokemon.
Vichan Poti/Pacific Press/LightRocket/Getty Images

Pokemon Go players in Bangkok are being blamed for an increase in road accidents, and Thai authorities want to put a stop to their reckless behavior, the Bangkok Post reported Monday.

A group of 50 police officers, described as "catchers of Pokemon catchers" by Bangkok Police Chief Sanit Mahathavorn, will be equipped with mobile phone cameras. They will patrol 10 areas with busy traffic, which will be no-go zones for Pokemon hunters.

If caught running while using a phone or hindering traffic while driving carelessly, players will face fines of up to 1,000 baht (around $30, £20 or AU$40). Trainers who play Pokemon Go in an "inappropriate manner" will also face a fine, though it's not clear what constitutes such behaviour.

Since the game launched in Southeast Asia earlier this month, huge crowds of Pokemon fans have become a problem in cities across the region. In Singapore, police patrols have been deployed to popular hotspots to maintain order. In Taipei, crowds have been filmed chasing after rare Pokemon such as the heavyweight Snorlax.