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Tencent wants you to play its games with your real name in China

The program is called "health system" and will roll out to all of its games next year.

Zoey Chong Reporter
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Zoey Chong
Young players compete in a battle match of the mobile game

Tencent is stepping up efforts to curb game addiction and myopia.

Zhang Peng/LightRocket via Getty Images

Identity verification will soon become mandatory for everyone playing Tencent games in China.

Players of all mobile and PC games under the Chinese internet behemoth in China will have to verify their identities against police databases under a program it called "health system" from next year onwards, Tencent said in a post on its official Weibo page Monday.

The new measure will be rolled out gradually before the expansion to all of Tencent's games in 2019, it said in the post, adding that it's meant to provide "comprehensive protection" and promote healthy internet use for underaged internet users.

It will begin with 10 games including hit title Honor of Kings, on which the rule was first implemented after China's education ministry unveiled a new plan to limit video game releases and play time citing addiction and myopia concerns.

Tencent previously implemented a playtime limitation for children after parents and teachers raised concerns about addiction last year.

Tencent did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment.

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