Telltale's 'Walking Dead' game ready for Android users' braaains

The popular episodic adventure finally makes its way to Android, and you can play the first episode for free.

Rick Broida
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The Walking Dead: Season One for Android offers all the same chills as its console and iOS counterparts. Telltale Games

Need a "Walking Dead" fix during the long months between seasons of the TV series? If you're an Android user, here's a chance to get in on the action: Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season One is now available for Android smartphones and tablets.

Already a hugely popular, award-winning title on PCs, Macs, consoles, and iOS devices, the game is set in the "official" universe of the "Walking Dead" comic books that the TV show is based on, populated by Rick Grimes and his not-so-merry gang.

But this is a parallel story: you play as a convicted felon who winds up taking care of an orphaned girl -- no mean feat in world of bloodthirsty zombies and morally challenged humans.

And it's creepy, too. Despite the somewhat blocky, comic book-style graphics, the game serves up plenty of gory, scary, thrilling moments -- especially if you play with headphones on.

Like other versions of the game, The Walking Dead: Season One spans five episodes. The first one is free; the other four are available via in-app purchase for $4.99 apiece, though you can buy them bundled for $14.99. (That bundle also includes the bonus episode 400 Days, which would otherwise cost you another $4.99.)

The Android version does have some fairly steep system requirements, including at least 1GB of storage (2GB recommended), so you'll need to hit the Google Play store to see if it's compatible with your device. (Most newer phones and tablets should be up to the task.)

So put some headphones on, turn the lights down, and get ready to see how you fare in the world of the biters.