Tekken 7 putting iron fists to faces from June 2

Bears will fight robots and Street Fighter's Akuma will battle Heihachi Mishima for dominance. June is looking wild.

Rest up fighters, the next King of Iron Fist Tournament is coming soon. Tekken 7 is out on PS4, Xbox One and PC on June 2, Namco Bandai announced on Monday.

It comes after a long wait for Tekken fans, with the game originally hitting Japanese arcades in May of 2015. It also represents the first time the long-running franchise will be playable on PC.

Early trailers promised Tekken 7 would end the Mishima Family saga, the story which has underpinned the series since Kazuya threw his father Heihachi off a cliff at the end of the original Tekken in 1995. Thrown into the mix is Street Fighter's Akuma -- which may be the closest we get to the Tekken x Street Fighter project.

Tekken is polarising in the fighting world, with some criticising it for being too frantic and combo-heavy. But it's also the most popular fighter out there -- over 42 million Tekken games have been sold, even more than the 38 million Street Fighter has sold.

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