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System Shock 3 officially revealed, survey asks for fans' preferred platforms, interest in VR

Third installment in cult classic sci-fi series System Shock is officially announced, after a week-long teaser campaign.

System Shock 3's teaser gives us a glimpse of SHODAN.
Otherside Enterainment

After a countdown timer from Boston-based studio OtherSide Entertainment was revealed early last week, System Shock 3 has officially been announced.

With the timer now expired, the webpage now features the game's title and an artistic rendition of the System Shock series' antagonistic artificial intelligence, SHODAN (short for Sentient Hyper-Optimized Data Access Network).

The page also features an audio file which vocalizes the words: "Did you think I'd forgotten you, insect?"

While OtherSide Entertainment appears to be the development studio behind the project, the page also acknowledges Night Dive Studios LLC as holders of the System Shock trademark. Night Dive Studios recently acquired the full rights to the franchise.

A mailing list subscription link is available, which leads to a survey asking participants whether they have played either of the first two System Shock games, and their preferred gaming platform of choice between PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mac, and Other. The survey also asks participants to rate their interest in virtual reality gaming.

Participants have the chance to win one of sixteen limited-edition SHODAN prints by series concept artist Robb Waters, a veteran of Looking Glass Studios and Irrational Games.

No other specific details are given.

Paul Neurath, founder of the original System Shock developer Looking Glass Studios, is also the founder of OtherSide Entertainment. OtherSide is also working on a spiritual sequel to Ultima Underworld, following a successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year.

Night Dive Studios recently released an enhanced edition of the first System Shock game, and rereleased System Shock 2 on and Steam in 2013.