Supergiant Games' Hades will kill you over and over again

The next isometric rogue-like from the acclaimed games studio has been unveiled -- and it's available now in Early Access!

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Jackson Ryan
The Game Awards

Supergiant is putting its isometric flair on the Greek god of Death with its latest game, Hades, announced Thursday during The Game Awards 2018.

The back of the box blurb? "Defy the god of death as you hack and slash your way out of the Underworld in this rogue-like dungeon crawler." Can you dig it?

First impressions from the trailer were "Wow, this totally looks like another Supergiant game!" -- and that's ideal. That's because Supergiant is the developer behind wildly successful titles Bastion and Transistor , so it has good form in the space. 

You can watch the full trailer for Hades below:

Supergiant has all the information here, including the minimum system requirements.

If you do want to snap it up, you can grab it at the all-new Epic Store, for $20. Being in Early Access, Supergiant suggests that making the best game will involve feedback from the players and you won't have to pay for the full game once it releases.

So you know what to do... or don't do. I'm not your real dad.

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