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Super Nintendo World opens its doors in spring 2021, yahoo!

Let's-a go! (If we don't have coronavirus.)

Super Nintendo World is coming.

Super Nintendo World will open in spring 2021, Nintendo has announced. Delayed from its original opening date this year by the COVID-19 pandemic, the theme park is now scheduled to throw open its doors at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka in the new year.

Nintendo's theme park will revolve around characters like Mario and Luigi in the design of the rides, shops and restaurants. There's set to be a Super Mario Kart ride, and the park itself will be a giant game, as you don a "Power Up Band" smart wristband and collect coins around the site.

As a taster, Nintendo also announced it's opening a new Mario and Luigi cafe at Universal Studios Japan on Oct. 16, in time for Mario's 35th anniversary.

Super Nintendo World was unveiled with a bonkers trailer featuring Charli XCX in January. There are also plans to open a US version of the Nintendo park in Orlando in 2023.

Nintendo's theme park was intended to launch along with the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, with both events pushed back a year from their original schedule this summer. Obviously, the global coronavirus situation could still throw another banana peel on the track in the new year: Japan is recovering well from COVID-19, but currently restricts entry by anyone arriving from 159 other countries or regions including the US and UK.

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