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Super Nintendo World Opening in 2023 at Universal Studios Hollywood

The announcement was made, appropriately, on March 10, aka Mario Day.

Hollywood's Super Nintendo World will be the first Nintendo theme park in the US. 

Universal Studios Hollywood announced Thursday -- MAR10 Day -- that a new Nintendo attraction, called Super Nintendo World, will open at the Los Angeles theme park in 2023. The company didn't say exactly when, though.

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studio Japan features attractions inspired by Mario Kart and Mario's egg-loving dinosaur pal Yoshi, but there's no word on what kind of rides will be present in the San Fernando Valley. 

"The immersive land will be a visual spectacle of vibrant colors and architectural ingenuity located within a newly expanded area of the theme park, featuring a groundbreaking ride and interactive areas, to be enjoyed by the whole family," Universal Studios Hollywood said in a news release. "Themed shopping and dining will enhance the entire experience."

Super Nintendo World's Japan location opened in 2021, and the park is expected to get a Donkey Kong expansion in 2024

"Guests will be able to take a walk on the wild side through the lush jungles where Donkey Kong and his friends live," a news release from Nintendo added.

Another Super Nintendo World was supposed to open in Orlando, Florida, in 2023, but the park's opening was pushed back to 2025 after construction was delayed.

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