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Street Fighter 5 server stabilty is key priority for Capcom, says Ono

The producer apologizes for recent disconnection issues.

Capcom has apologised for server issues affecting the online multiplayer in Street Fighter 5, and has said it is working on resolving the problems. Producer Yoshinori Ono has added that improving the stability of online play is a key concern at the moment.

Posting using the SFVServer account on Twitter, Capcom said it has "identified the issue that caused the servers to go back down." Since then, it has restored online play functionality but warned that some players "may experience intermittent disconnects."

"My sincerest apologies again about [the] SFV server situation," said Ono. "I think that we need to improve on this problem the most."

In an interview with GameSpot conducted in November 2015, Ono said the team would "do [its] absolute best" to ensure Street Fighter 5 wouldn't launch with severe connection problems like those encountered during the various betas.

Street Fighter 5 launched on February 16 for PlayStation 4 and PC. GameSpot has published a preliminary review and will deliver a more comprehensive analysis of the game in the coming days.

In our review-in-progress, Peter Brown said "there's an excellent foundation" in Street Fighter 5 but it has "so little single-player content at launch."

It was recently confirmed that Street Fighter III's Alex would be the first DLC character added to the game. Capcom intends to deliver a new piece of DLC for the game every month through September.