Street Fighter 5 could add arcade mode in the future

Plus, existing story mode could get difficulty sliders through a patch.

GameSpot staff
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GameSpot staff
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Capcom is planning to add a full story mode to Street Fighter V this summer, but that might not be the only new mode headed to the PlayStation 4 and PC fighting game. A Capcom representative told Forbes that the company is exploring the possibility of adding an Arcade Mode sometime down the road.

"The team is looking into adding an Arcade Mode and we'll have more information to share soon," the spokesperson said.

No further details about the Arcade Mode were divulged.

Street Fighter V launched last week without an Arcade Mode -- a staple of past entries in the long-running series. GameSpot's review noted that there is an "immediately apparent lack of modes in Street Fighter V, some of which have been around since Street Fighter's early years."

The Capcom representative also confirmed that the company is considering adding difficulty sliders to Street Fighter V's existing story mode, which GameSpot described as "laughably short and low-quality." Street Fighter V's more fleshed-out Story Mode is due to launch in June as free DLC.

GameSpot's Street Fighter V review scored the game a 7/10.

"Street Fighter V has a long road ahead of it, and Capcom has to iron out the game's issues if it wants to keep casual players engaged," critic Peter Brown said. "If it sticks to its projected update plans, that may very well happen; time will tell. Those willing to stick it out now will discover one of the best fighting engines around, with a great cast and intelligently balanced fighting styles making it both challenging and fun. That said, for the moment, for anyone other than the most hardcore competitors, Street Fighter V is a delightful tease, hinting at something special down the road."