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Steam Summer Sale kicks off today, including first discounts on VR games

And Oculus is getting in on the action with its own VR game sale.

Steam's annual Summer Sale is here (in the UK and Australia as well), bringing you deep discounts on a wide variety of PC games through July 4. Have you been holding off buying the new Doom, Tomb Raider, Witcher or practically any other PC game you can name? Chances are you'll find a great sale this week on Steam.

You may notice two differences about this year's Steam Summer Sale, though. First, there are no more Flash Sales or Daily Deals to help you find even better price on games. What you see today is what you'll pay.

Second, it's the first Steam Sale since the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift virtual-reality headsets went on sale, which means you can find some of the very first discounts on VR games.

But wait, there's more: Oculus is also marking the occasion with the first-ever VR Summer Sale of its own. You can also now buy Oculus games directly from the company's website.

What should you buy? That's up to you and your wallet. Here are some of the deals that caught my eye:


  • 40% off Doom (US $35.99)
  • 50% off The Witcher 3 (US $24.99)
  • 50% off Just Cause 3 (US $29.99)
  • 40% off Grand Theft Auto V (US $35.99)
  • 75% off This War of Mine (US $7.49)
  • 40% off Rocket League (US $11.99)
  • 40% off XCOM 2 (US $35.99)
  • 35% off Rise of the Tomb Raider (US $38.99)
  • 25% off Dark Souls III (US $44.99)
  • 30% off Metal Gear Solid V (US $27.99)
  • 75% off Shadow of Mordor (US $12.49)
  • 75% off Assassin's Creed: Black Flag (US $7.49)
  • 80% off The Witcher 2 (US $2.99)
  • 30% off Undertale (US $6.99)

VR at Steam

  • 30% off Hover Junkers (US $24.49)
  • 34% off Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (US $9.89)
  • 50% off Project Cars (US $14.99)


  • 20% off Chronos (US $39.99)
  • 25% off AirMech Commands (US $29.99)
  • 30% off ADR1FT (US $13.99)
  • 50% off BlazeRush (US $4.99)
  • 34% off Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (US $9.89)

Just a few of the many sales.

Disclosure: Sean's wife works for Facebook, owner of Oculus VR.