Steam puts 175 virtual-reality games on sale this weekend

The Steam VR Weekend Sale offers discounts of up to 80 percent.

Josh Miller

Purchasing a virtual-reality headset, such as the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, finding the right high-end computer to hook it up to, and getting the complex, sometimes finicky hardware up and running isn't the only hurdle to enjoying VR gaming. You also need a steady stream of quality content.

The library of available VR games is growing every week, but almost all of the games and applications thus far are small, indie projects, rather than highly polished games from established publishers. What's more, many carry premium prices, from $20-$40, for short, buggy, unfinished games that are often little more than beta software. That may be keeping VR headset owners from sampling more new games and supporting content creators.


The sale offers 175 VR games at varying discounts.


Steam, the PC gaming online store (and a partner in the HTC Vive), is encouraging more VR game sampling with the Steam VR Weekend Sale, which offers 175 VR games at varying discounts. It's the second big sale on VR games Steam has held in the past few months.

Highlights include the pong-like Holoball, the dungeon-crawling RPG Vanishing Realms, and The Gallery: Ep 1, an excellent adventure game, each for 20 percent off. The full list of discounts can be found here.